Logic beats stupidity, ignorance beats logic

I recently had a talk with this guy who works in a team which sits three bays away from mine. It was a good conversation, informative and all. Thinking back, let me see what I can remember.

‘blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah?’ – is what I could hear as I, unaware of the content, looked on at the continuous motion of his lips.

I forced myself back into the conversation, from which I had strayed towards the memories of last night’s amazing party that was held by a dear friend of mine. Anyways, this person was really passionate about what he spoke of. 

‘Yaar but seriously think about it, there are countless number of non-profits which work towards upliftment of education standards. We get two days a week off, don’t we? If only me, you and people like us gave a small chunk of that time towards volunteering in one of these organizations, think of the collective effect that we can have on the issue. We have tons of non-profits here in our city itself’. He said it with such great passion that Arvind Kejriwal would feel small seeing this man’s energy. 

I said ‘Yea I know, just yesterday I was checking out the page of Child Rights and You (CRY) on Facebook. They have done such amazing work. I literally spent half an hour checking out their photos. Some good work man. They have over a lakh likes. I also liked the page 🙂 ‘

‘And what about the huge gap in standards of living man. Just because we were lucky enough to be born in a well-doing family, do we have the right to ignore the other segment which dies of hunger. We live in a society; if we can ignore the miseries of the person whom we buy our tomatoes from, what’s the difference between us and animals? The least that we can do is recognize their struggle in leading a simple life and occasionally give a boost to their efforts. Maybe do a good deed which does us no harm but mean a world to them? Something as simple as giving the delivery boy some extra bucks which would do us no harm but will increase his faith in the humanity? Is it too much to do on our end? You should read this comic which talks about our thought process very well – http://zenpencils.com/comic/135-tim-minchin-be-hard-on-your-opinions/

‘I totally agree with you man. But if I give them money just like that, even when they don’t deserve it, will it not encourage them in thinking that they can get things without actually earning them?’

‘Yaar, in short what I think is that we should be compassionate towards our fellow citizens. Where we are in life is a matter of complete accident. Which family we are born in, which friend circle we follow and so on. What we should do is show a little compassion. The way we behave with the less privileged can be improved right. Check this link out for the idea – http://zenpencils.com/comic/138-special-comic-the-next-generation/‘ 

‘The comic was pretty good man. I am following this dude from now on. About compassion, yea we can do all what you are saying. But yaar, our life is so bad already. We work so hard and we also suffer right. How can we always be jolly and stuff.’

“hmm..I think that makes sense. Anyways man, how is the R15 treating you. Bought any biking gears yet?’

‘Yes. Infact I have 🙂 ‘

‘That’s cool man. Cheers *Gulp Gulp*’

*Flashback ends*

That night was fun overall. He brought Jack Daniels. *GRIN*

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